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How to Make Your Own Gravity Bong at Home

It is actually a h2o bong that makes use of gravitational forces to tug the smoke to the chamber. Fundamentally, it is actually a DIY bong created from a plastic material package and a joint filter container water. Gravitational pressure bongs can be made with either a bowl or a slide.

How does a Gravity Bong Work?

A gravity bong functions by utilizing the force of gravitational forces to draw in the smoke cigarettes in to the chamber. To accomplish this, you need to have a container or slide linked to the bottom part from the bottle. The container is going to be put upside-down from the container water. As you may lighting the container or push, the light up will fill up the container. Once the package is complete, it is possible to remove it from the liquid and inhale the light up.

Cigarette smoking from a gravity bong has several benefits over other methods of smoking. First, it enables you to take in much more cigarette smoke in just one success. This is because the whole holding chamber is stuffed with light up prior to taking your struck.

Secondly, it cools down across the cigarette smoke prior to breathe in it. As a result for any smoother and much more enjoyable smoking cigarettes experience. Lastly, it is actually incredibly very easy to make the gravity bong in your house with only a few house things.

Varieties of Gravity Bongs:

There are 2 varieties of gravitational pressure bongs: bowl and push. Dish gravity bongs are the most prevalent variety. These are produced by attaching a bowl to the bottom of the package. Slide gravity bongs are less common, nevertheless they offer a handful of positive aspects over container bongs.

Slide bongs give a easier cigarette smoking expertise for the reason that cigarette smoke will not be exposed to o2 until you are prepared to inhale it. As a result for a much cooler and more enjoyable success. Push bongs will also be much easier to clear than bowl bongs.


If you’re searching for a new method to take pleasure in your preferred natural herb, take a look at the gravity bong. Using simply a plastic-type bottle along with a bucket of water, gravity bongs allow you to take big strikes of smooth, amazing light up. Plus, they’re simple and easy enjoyable to create in your own home! Give one particular a try these days to see on your own why countless cigarette smokers enjoy using tobacco from a gravity bong.